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Daniela Cappiello was born in Bari on the 28th of January 1978, but she lives and works in Bitetto. She graduated at the senior high school in classical studies "Liceo Classico Quinto Orazio Flacco" of Bari in 1997. Her artistic job began soon. In 1991 she attended for few months the work shop of art of the Italian painter Filippo Cacace where she worked as an apprentice studying in detail a lot of different techniques and copying the biggest artworks of Italian and foreign painters. She started out officially in 1993. She had solo and collective exhibitions in Bari, Lugano, Altamura, Bergamo, Roma, Milano, Torino, Bologna, Bitetto, Faenza, Genzano in Rome, etc.. She worked with Gagliano Gallery of Bari, making art works inspired by the old traditions of Apulia. Between 1997 and 1999, the Italian art foundation D'Ars Agency in Milano hosted her exhibition. Daniela began to create the project "Beauty and Transparence" in 1999. "T he sunf|ower's eye", one of her paintings, became the cover of the booklet of the Apulian division of the Italian Tumour League. ln march 2007 she attended the " Michael Jackson Fan Art Contest"; in that occasion she won and met The King of Pop who totally appreciated her artworks. In 2008 a solo exhibition took place in Bari, her native town. The exhibition showed twenty paintings depicting typical views of the old and new town. In 2009 the famous critic of art Carlo Franza planned the solo exhibition at "Plus F|orence" in Florence; he also announced she was the winner of the 21"' edition of the Award of Art, Award of Culture in 2009 as emerging artist. On May 2010 Daniela Cappiello showed at Benetton Store of Palazzo Mincuzzi in Bari. On October 2010 she attended the international exhibition of art "Forma e materia" by AMACI at the gallery ll Borgo in Milano. On June 2011 she took part at the international art competition Margutta Award whose President of the jury was Radini Tedeschi Daniele, a famous earl, historian and critic of art. Maria Grazia Chiesa (D'Ars Agency), Bianca Tragni ( Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno) , Vinicio Coppola (critic and journalist of art), Rosalba Fantastico of Kastron (teacher, poetress and writer), Carlo Franza ( critic, historian, sociologist and journalist of art), Sabrina Falzone ( historian and critic of art), Daniele Radini Tedeschi ( historian and critic of art) wrote also reviews about Daniela.


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